Agentless Backup for Oracle - Deprecated


The Agentless Backup for Oracle feature is deprecated.

For comprehensive information about deprecated features, see End-of-Life, Deprecated and Extended Support - Features.

Perform backup and restore operations on the Oracle databases, without having an agent installed on the database server.

Restore to the same host, or to a new host in the case of a disaster.

The Command Center provides summary information about the Oracle jobs.

Supported Features

  • RMAN commands to back up Oracle databases.

  • RMAN commands to restore Oracle databases.

System Requirements

The Oracle agentless plugin is supported on Oracle 10g and later database versions on the following operating system and architecture combinations:

  • Linux on x86, x64, or compatible processors

  • Solaris on Sparc T/M series or x64 processors

For information on the operating system versions supported for each hardware architecture, see Oracle Agent: System Requirements.