Auto Recovery Process using Amazon EBS Direct APIs

This topic documents the process that the Commvault software uses to perform replication with the Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS) direct APIs.

  1. Create empty snapshots in the destination zone, region, or account using the StartSnapshot API.

  2. Write data using the PutSnapshotBlock API.

  3. Complete the snapshots using the CompleteSnapshot API.

  4. Create volumes from snapshots.

  5. Create or reuse an instance based on the type of replication operation:

    • In case of a full replication, a new instance is created from the EBS volumes.

    • In case of an incremental replication, the EBS volumes are attached to the existing destination instance.

  6. Retain the snapshot created to act as an integrity snapshot for the next replication job.

  7. In case of incremental replication, create a snapshot with an integrity snapshot as the parent snapshot.

    • If there is incremental data, Commvault writes the incremental blocks to the new snapshot, creates a volume from it, marks the new snapshot as an integrity snapshot, and deletes the old one.

    • If there is no incremental data, Commvault creates a volume directly from the integrity snapshot and retains the same snapshot to be used for the next job.

Installing Drivers Manually for EBS Direct API Replication from Amazon Web Services

Requirements for Replication Process