Backups for Oracle RAC

You can back up online or offline Oracle RAC databases, log files, or Oracle datafiles and tablespaces. If the database must be accessible and you have a small backup window, run a series of online backups for different database portions.

You can run backups immediately or configure a schedule for the subclient.

Full Backups

Oracle full backups include the entire database and the control file. If the database is using Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) and using file-based Oracle Wallet, the wallet files are automatically backed up as part of a full database backup.

A full backup is the most comprehensive backup and is the baseline for incremental backups. Full backups of online databases include the log files. An offline full backup is a cold backup for Oracle databases.

Incremental Backups

An Oracle incremental backup contains the changed data from the last full backup. Incremental backups use less media and resources than full backups.

A cumulative backup backs up all blocks changed after the most recent incremental level 0 backup.

What is Backed Up

  • Oracle database files that include the datafiles and control files

  • Archived redo logs

  • Parameter files (SP file)

  • Oracle Managed files

  • Oracle Wallet files

What Is Not Backed Up

  • Oracle application files that are associated with the Oracle installation.

  • External files, for example, external tables.