Configuring Distributed Storage for Auto Recovery

You must set up clusters before you can create Distributed Storage datastores for recovery targets. Distributed Storage datastores are created as NFS datastores on the VMware vCenter. You can create Distributed Storage storage targets as part of the guided setup or you can add new recovery targets after you complete the guided setup.

Follow the instructions in both the Commvault documentation and the Hedvig documentation to set up Distributed Storage.


  1. Review the hardware requirements for Hedvig storage.

  2. Review the port requirements for Hedvig storage.

  3. Download the Hedvig software.

  4. Set up Hedvig storage nodes.

  5. Set up Hedvig storage proxies.

  6. Set up storage management permissions to use a Distributed Storage cluster in a recovery target.

Creating a Replication Group Using the Replication Group Configuration Tool