Performing a Global Search for Files

You can use the global search bar to find backed-up files across all servers and virtual machines in the Command Center. When you perform a search, you can go directly to the virtual machine or the server that contains the file that you want to access. You can also view all the files that contain the search keyword, and use search filters to refine your search results.

Before You Begin

  • Verify that the following packages are installed on the MediaAgent computer:

    • Index Store

    • Index Gateway

  • Verify that the MediaAgent computer meets the recommended hardware specifications. For more information, see File Storage Optimization: Hardware Specifications.

  • Verify that indexing was enabled on the server plan that was used for the backup operations.


  1. At the top left of any page in the Command Center, click the Search servers, groups and more box.

  2. Type /Files, and then press Enter.

    The Files type is added to the search box.

  3. In the Search files box, type the string that you want to search for in file names.

    As you type, a list of matching files appears.

  4. To open a file in the Command Center, click the file name.

  5. To view all the search results, click Show all files.

  6. To further refine your search results, select the following search filters:

    • Server name: View the files on selected servers.

    • Size: View the files that are within the selected size range.

    • Modified date: View the files that were modified within the selected time range.