Reseller Operations

A reseller is a user or user groups who can operate multiple tenant environments. The service provider can assign one or more resellers as the tenant operator for a company. The reseller can switch to any of their assigned tenant environment and operate on the company as a tenant user.

Using a reseller to manage companies, provides the following benefits:

  • Reduce the dependency on the service provider. The reseller has the ability to access a tenant and manage operations and billing for the tenant.

  • Expand cloud services, by offering resellers capability to manage a set of tenants.


  • Reseller - User or user group who is configured as the operator for different companies.

  • Operator - The reseller user associated with a company.

  • Tenant Operator user group - A system-created user group for every company. All tenant operators for the company are added to this group and inherit the role associated with this group.

  • Tenant operator role - The default system-created role that is assigned to the tenant operator user group for a company.