Restricting Access to Commvault Cloud Applications

Applies to: MSP administrators, tenant administrators

You can remove access to specific applications for users and user groups. When you add users and user groups to your Commvault environment, they can access all the Commvault applications.

The applications are as follows:

  • Command Center

  • Web Console

  • CommCell Console

  • APIs

  • Commvault NOW


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Manage > Security.

    The Security page appears.

  2. Click the Users groups tile.

    The Users groups page appears.

  3. Click the user group that you want to restrict application access for.

    The user group page appears.

  4. On the General tile, click the Edit button Editing a Category and Subcategory.

    The Edit user group dialog box appears.

  5. From the Restricted consoles list, select the applications that you do not want the users to access.

    For example, when you select Mobile, users cannot access the Commvault NOW app.


Users who belong to the user group can use their credentials to access the applications that are not selected in the Restricted consoles list. However, when users enter their credentials to access applications selected in the Restricted consoles list, a message appears, stating that access is not permitted.