Configuring Permissions for Data Insights


To use Data Insights, you must associate a security role with users and a CommCell entity such as the CommCell computer. You can use the security roles that come with the Commvault software, create custom roles, or add permissions to existing roles. For example, the Data Controller security role is a system-generated role that contains the permissions users need to perform tasks in Sensitive Data Governance.

Tenant users require additional security associations.

Before You Begin

Review the permissions needed for Data Insights. You will use this information to create the security association that applies to the Data Insights product that you want to use.


  1. Create a security association between a security role, users or user groups, and a CommCell entity.

    For example, go to Manage > CommCell, and then associate the system-generated Data Controller role with the users who need to perform tasks in Sensitive Data Governance.

  2. If you are an MSP administrator, verify that your tenant users can access Data Insights: