Configuring the Commvault Application for ServiceNow


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Download, import, and configure the Commvault application to make it available for ServiceNow users.


  1. From the Commvault Store, download the ServiceNow Commvault App.

    The Commvault ServiceNow application provides an XML file that can be imported into ServiceNow.

  2. From the ServiceNow navigation pane, click Retrieved Update Sets.

    The Retrieved Update Sets window appears.

  3. Click Import Update Set from XML.

    The Import XML window appears.

  4. Click Choose File to browse for and select an XML file, and then click Upload.

  5. From the ServiceNow portal, import the XML file for the Commvault ServiceNow application.

    The Retrieved Update Sets window appears.

  6. Click the name of the uploaded XML file to preview it.

  7. Commit the update set.


The Commvault application is added under ServiceNow Navigator.