Viewing Clients in the ServiceNow Commvault Application


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View clients to perform backups and restores, send logs, control client activity, or add clients.


  1. From the ServiceNow navigation pane, click Clients.

    The client list includes any physical or virtual machines that have Commvault packages installed.

  2. To display virtual machines that do not have Commvault packages installed, select the Include VM check box.

  3. To perform operations for a client or VM, click the icon in the Actions column.

    You can perform backup or restore operations, send logs, and control activity for clients.

  4. To enable or disable backups and restores for a client, perform the following:

    1. Click the icon in the Actions column, and then click Activity control.

      The Activity control dialog box appears.

    2. Click the Data backup and/or Data restore sliders to enable or disable backup and/or restore activity for that client.

      Note: If you disable backup or restore activity for a client, the system disables activity on that client for 24 hours, after which time it is automatically re-enabled. However, you can manually re-enable activity at any time.