Restoring Full Virtual Machines from the ServiceNow Commvault Application


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You can restore a full virtual machine, or a copy of the original VM, in place. You can restore only from the most recent backup.


  1. From the ServiceNow navigation pane, go to Clients.

  2. To display virtual machines that do not have Commvault packages installed, select the Include VM check box.

  3. In the Actions column, click the action button for the VM that you want to restore, and then click Full VM Restore.

    The Restore virtual machine dialog box appears. By default, the Power on VMs after restore check box is selected.

  4. Do one of the following:

    1. To replace the original source VM, select Unconditionally overwrite if it already exists.

      Important: If the original VM is present and you do not select this option, the restore fails.

    2. To restore a copy of the original VM, enter a unique name in the New VM name box.

      Important: If you specify the same name as an existing VM and do not select Unconditionally overwrite if it already exists, the restore fails.

  5. Click Restore.