Understanding Automatic Laptop Activation


After you mass distribute and install the installation package with the authcode, the users are automatically added to the CommServe database, when they log on to the local computer and initiate the Edge Monitor application. The Edge Monitor will discover the Active Directory (AD) user, security identifiers, and the domain groups and then determines if the users are allowed to back up and identify the plan to which they are assigned.

Non AD users and users who do not belong to a plan are ignored. You must use the default plan setting, if you want all AD users to back up even if they are not assigned to a plan. You can always migrate these users to different plans later on.

Macintosh OS With Non AD Users

If the Macintosh OS computers are not using a domain user, the users must log on to the Edge Monitor application manually.

By default, if the AD user cannot be discovered, the backups will wait until a valid user logs on to the Edge Monitor application manually.