Company Dashboard


The Company Dashboard is a preview of the most critical information gathered from all the tenant servers in your organization in the Command Center.

You can use the Company Dashboard to monitor CommCell health and performance from a high level. Many tiles on the dashboard open more detailed reports that you can use to analyze the displayed statistics.

Who Can View the Dashboard

The Company Dashboard is available only to Tenant Administrators and appears as the landing page when an administrator or user opens the Command Center.

Dashboard Description

The following table includes descriptions for all the tiles on the Company Dashboard.




The number of entities—such as servers, VMs, laptops, and users—in the CommCell environment.

Needs attention

The number of entities and jobs that are flagged for anomalous behavior.


The percentage of all client computers that met or missed the service level agreement (SLA) that is configured for the environment.

Jobs in the last 24 hours

The number of jobs that are running, completed successfully, and failed, and the number of events related to those jobs in the previous 24 hours.

To view more information for each of the sections on this tile, do the following:

  • To view the active jobs, click Running.

  • To view the jobs that completed successfully in the previous 24 hours, click Success.

  • To view the jobs that failed in the previous 24 hours, click Failed.

  • To view the events that occurred in the previous 24 hours, click Events.

Last week job summary

The number of jobs that completed, completed with errors, failed, or were killed during each day in the last week.

To view the Jobs page, click Last week job summary.

Top 5 largest servers

The 5 largest servers in the environment, based on the total application size of every agent on the server.