Performing Test Failovers


A test failover can be performed to ensure that the failover process succeeds and the services are successfully started. Test failovers do not affect the current jobs and activities on the production CommServe host. Note that backups and restores are not allowed from the standby CommServe host during a test failover.

Before You Begin

If the CommServe is currently in a "lockdown" mode where client certificate authentication is forced during installation, reset the CommServe lockdown by setting the Force per-client certificate authentication option to No from the CommCell Console > Control Panel > Certificate Administration dialog box. (This setting can be re-enabled once the failover is completed.) For more information on client certificates, see Client Certificates - Enforcing Authentication of Client Certificates during Installations.


  1. Log on to either the production CommServe host computer, or the standby CommServe host computer.

  2. Click Start and point to All Programs.

  3. Click Commvault > Process Manager. Open the Process Manager associated with the SQL client.

    Tip: The SQL client will have the Failover Assistant tab as shown in the following sample image.

  4. On the Failover Assistant tab, select the following options:

    • From the Failover To list, click the name of the passive node that must be used for performing a test failover.

    • From the Failover Type list, click Test.

  5. Click Initiate Failover.

  6. On the Confirm prompt, type confirm and click Ok.


The failover is initiated and the sequence of tasks performed during the process is displayed in the Process Manager window.

What to Do Next

After successful completion of the test failover, reset the test failover. For instructions, see Resetting Test Failovers.