Installing a Platform Release on the Production CommServe During a Maintenance Failover


While installing a platform release (formerly "feature release") or a maintenance release on the production CommServe host after initiating a maintenance failover, it is important that the services are not started after the installation.

Before You Begin

  • Make sure that the platform release or maintenance release is available in the CommServe cache.


  1. From the production CommServe host, open command prompt and then navigate to the CommServe cache folder.

  2. Navigate and locate setup.exe under the relevant release in the CommServe cache folder.

  3. Run the following command:

    setup.exe /installupdates /silent /nostartsvc /instance Instance001

Note: You can also launch setup.exe to open the interactive installer and track the upgrade process on CommServe.


  • The platform release or maintenance release will be installed. The Commvault dialog box will display the progress of the update installation in the notifications area of the Windows task bar.

  • Services will not be automatically started after the installation.

What to Do Next

Once the platform release or maintenance release is successfully installed, switch CommCell operations back to the production CommServe host by resetting the maintenance failover. For more information on resetting the maintenance failover, see Resetting Maintenance Failovers.