Performing Failovers From The Command Line


Command line interface can be used to perform failovers.

Before You Begin

  • Make sure that the SQL Client from both the production and standby CommServe hosts can communicate with the CommServe and with each other.

    Tip: Open the Process Manager associated with the SQL Server client. From the Failover Assistant tab, under Node Information, make sure that both the Production Node and Passive Node(s) have the green light.

  • All the clients in the CommCell must be able to reach the standby CommServe host after the failover, either through a proxy or any other method used to communicate with the standby CommServe host.

  • If the CommServe is currently in a "lockdown" mode where client certificate authentication is forced during installation, reset the CommServe lockdown by setting the Force per-client certificate authentication option to No from the CommCell Console > Control Panel > Certificate Administration dialog box. (This setting can be re-enabled once the failover is completed.) For more information on client certificates, see Client Certificates - Enforcing Authentication of Client Certificates during Installations.


  1. Open command prompt and navigate to the following folder associated with the SQL client:


    For example: C:\Program Files\Commvault\ContentStore2\Base

  2. Execute the following command:


    gxadmin.exe -console -failover -execute -type "<failover_type>" -destNode <destination_client_name> -skipConfirmation


    • <failover_type> should be enclosed in quotes (" ") and can be one of the following:


      Production Maintenance


      Test Failback

    • <destination_client_name> is the name of the SQL client in the standby CommServe host.

    • -skipConfirmation must be used to trigger unplanned failovers without prompting for inputs from the user.


      To perform a production failover to a standby CommServe with the hostname My_standby_CS:

      gxadmin.exe -console -failover -execute -type "Production" -destNode My_standby_CS


  • The failover is initiated and the sequence of tasks performed during the process is displayed.

What to Do Next

  • If client certificate authentication during installation was disabled before the failover, set the Force per-client certificate authentication option to Yes from the CommCell Console > Control Panel > Certificate Administration dialog box. For more information on enabling this option, see Enabling Client Certificate Authentication on the CommServe Computer.