Restores for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


From Oracle Cloud Infrastructure backups, you can restore guest files or full instances.

Note: Backups and restores require the target instance and the access node to be located in the same AD.

Backup and Restore Flows


  1. Create snapshots for volumes.

  2. Create temporary replica volumes from snapshots.

  3. Attach volumes to proxy.

    Note: The maximum number of attachments is 32 for both Linux and Windows.

  4. Back up volumes and instance metadata.

  5. Detach and delete temporary volumes.

Full Instance Restore

  1. Create boot volume:

    1. Fetch source image information from index.

    2. Create a temporary instance using fetched image and boot volume size.

    3. Delete the instance and keep the boot volume.

  2. Create empty data volumes.

  3. Attach data volumes to proxy.

  4. Write data to volumes.

  5. Detach volumes from proxy.

  6. Create new instance with restored volumes.