Restoring a SharePoint Content Database without the Web Application


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You can restore only the content database component, either to the same server (in place) or a different server (out of place).


  1. From the navigation pane, click Protect > Applications > SharePoint.

    The SharePoint page appears.

  2. Click the database server.

    The database server page appears.

  3. On the Contents tab, in the row for the subclient that contains the data that you want to restore, click the action button , and then select Restore.

  4. The Backup content page appears.On the left, expand Farm.

  5. On the right, select the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application check box.

  6. Click Restore.

    The Restore web applications dialog box appears.

  7. From the Restore options list, select Content database.

  8. To restore the database to a different server (out of place), from the SQL server client list, select the server.

  9. To specify the state of the database after the restore operation, select one of the following recovery types:

    • To leave the database in an online state after recovery, select Recovery.

    1. To leave the database in a restoring state after recovery, select No recovery.

  10. To restore the database to a disk, select the Restore to disk check box, and then enter the path to restore the data to.

  11. Click Restore.