Cloning a DR VM


To make a virtual machine available for continued operation, you can recover the VM at the destination using the create clone DR VM option.

When you request a clone DR VM, you can use the latest updates or select a specific recovery point.

Note: When you initiate the request for creating a clone DR VM, the vMotion will be disabled on the clone VM in the DR site and will be enabled back after the completion of job.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Auto recovery > Recovery Monitor.

    The Recovery Monitor page appears.

  2. In the Actions column for a replication pair, click the action button , and then select Create clone DR VM.

    The Clone DR VM dialog box appears.

  3. In the New virtual machine name box, enter the name for the VM.

  4. From the Recover from list, select one of the following values:

    • Oldest point in time: Perform the clone from the current version of the destination VM.

      This is the only supported value for Live recovery. Other values are available only for Granular recovery.

    • Select from graph: Click a recovery point in the graph.

    • Recovery point time: Select this option, and then select a recovery point from the Select recovery point list.

    • Application consistent recovery point time: Select this option, and then select a recovery point from the Select recovery point list.

      This option is available only if you configured the replication pair to create application-consistent recovery points.

  5. To restore to a specific host, select Override boot options, and then provide the following information:

    • For Destination host, enter the host name or click Browse to select an ESX host.

      Select an ESX server from a cluster that meets continuous replication requirements. The ESX server must have access to the same datastore as the VM selected for the clone DR VM operation.

    • From the Destination network list, select a network or Not Connected.

  6. Click Save.

View Test Failover VMs

In the page and group-level actions menu, when you click View test failover VMs, you can view a report with the test failover or cloned DR VMs that includes the following information and actions:

  • Status: In progress, Success, Failed, Expired, Deleted

  • Type: Test failover, Clone DR VM

  • Applicable actions: Delete (for cloned VMs), Extend Expiration for test failover VMs.