Configuring a Custom Icon for a Report


You can configure a report to display a custom image as an icon on the reports page.

The image must be in SVG format.

Before You Begin

Build a Report


  1. Open a report, and then click File > Edit.

    The Report Builder page appears.

  2. On the Report tab, under Advanced Settings, beside Custom Icon, click None.

    The Custom Icon dialog box appears.

  3. In the SVG box, enter the SVG code for the image that you want to use as an icon.

    For example:

    <svg height="100%" viewBox="0 0 70 70" width="100%" xmlns="" class="report-svg-icon">



    <path class="a" d="M30,46.4H25V33.9h5ZM44,18.6l3.9-5.1a24.8,24.8,0,0,0-10-3.4v6.4A18.5,18.5,0,0,1,44,18.6Z"/>

    <path class="b" d="M37.6,46.4h-5V29.3h5ZM53.6,35a18.7,18.7,0,0,1-.4,3.9L59,42.1a25,25,0,0,0-8-26.4l-3.9,5.1A18.6,18.6,0,0,1,53.6,35Z"/>

    <path class="c" d="M45.3,46.4h-5V24h5ZM35,53.6a18.6,18.6,0,0,1-.9-37.2V10A25,25,0,1,0,57.6,45.7L52,42.5A18.6,18.6,0,0,1,35,53.6Z"/>


    The image appears under the Preview section.

  4. Click Save