Executing a RESTful API in API Explorer


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Using API Explorer, you can send a request to your CommCell environment using the supported RESTful APIs and view the response from your Web Console.


  1. Open API Explorer.

  2. Under the section name, click the name of the RESTful API endpoint that you want to execute.

    For example, under Virtualization, click POST /v2/vsa/hypervisors to create a new virtualization client.

    Note: If there is a lock icon next to the endpoint name, then you must authenticate before you can use the REST API. For more information, see Authorizing RESTful API Requests in API Explorer.

  3. In the top-right corner of the endpoint box, click Try it out.

  4. If the REST API has user-defined parameters, enter the parameter values in the appropriate boxes.

  5. If the REST API has a request body, edit the value of the JSON model with the appropriate values.

  6. Click Execute.

    The request and the response details appear.