Delegating a Mailbox or a Folder in the Web Console


Applies to: User Mailbox, Office 365 Mailbox

In the Web Console, you can delegate a mailbox or mailbox folders to other users, to user groups, and to email addresses.

Only archived mailboxes appear from the client in the Web Console, and can be delegated.

Note: An Exchange user from one Exchange virtual client can share the mailbox or folder with another user from a different Exchange virtual client in the same or different Exchange server.

Before You Begin

For end user access, the Sharing capability on the client must also be enabled within the End user capability.


  1. Log on to the Web Console.

  2. Click My Data.

  3. In the navigation pane, click Mail.

  4. Click the user whose mailbox you want to delegate.

    The mailbox page appears.

  5. In the left pane, right-click the mailbox or the folder to delegate, and then click Delegate.

    The Delegate window appears.

  6. In the Invite People box, enter the user names or the email addresses of the users that you want to delegate to.

  7. To the right of the Invite People box, select the permission either Can View or Can Edit that you want to give to the users.

  8. To add the users, click .

  9. Optional: To send a notification email with a link to the to the mailbox or the folder to the users that you delegate to, select the Notify people via email.

    You can also enter a message to include in the notification email.

  10. Click Delegate.


  • If you selected the Notify people via email check box, then the users receive a notification email with a link to the mailbox or the folder.

  • On the My Data page of the Web Console, under the Delegated by Me section, you can see information such as Delegate Name, Source, Path, and Date Delegated.

  • On the My Data page of the Web Console, under the Delegated Mail section, the users to whom the mailbox or folder is delegated can see the mailbox or folder and information such as Display Name. The users cannot delete or delegate the mailbox or the folder to other users. They can only preview, view, download, reply to, and forward the emails.

  • Emails that users send from a delegated mailbox are sent from the mailbox, not from the users.