Delegating a Mailbox or a Folder Using Exchange Mailbox


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Applies to: User Mailbox, Journal Mailbox, Office 365 Mailbox

Administrators and master users can delegate a mailbox or a folder to users, user groups, or email addresses.

The users and the user groups that you delegate the mailbox or the folders to can use the mailbox to read and send emails.


  • The administrator must have the Share permission on the Exchange virtual machine where the Exchange mailbox is configured.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > Applications > Exchange.

    The Exchange page appears.

  2. Click the Exchange client that contains the mailbox or folder that you want to delegate.

  3. On the Mailboxes tab, in the row for the mailbox that you want to delegate, click the action button , and then click Manage > Delegate.

    The Delegate dialog box appears.

  4. Expand Create new delegation.

  5. For Delegate folder, specify whether to delegate the entire mailbox or only some folders:

    • To delegate the entire mailbox, select the Entire mailbox check box, and then click Submit.

    • To delegate only some folders, clear the Entire mailbox checkbox, and then select the folders to delegate.

  6. For Delegate to, enter the users or user groups to delegate the mailbox or folders to, and then click Add.

  7. Click Submit.


  • Administrators can check the mailbox delegate history and all the available delegate operations for that mailbox by selecting the mailbox, and then clicking the action button .

  • On the My Data page of the Web Console, under the Delegated Mail section, the users to whom the mailbox or folder is delegated can see the mailbox or the folder, and information such as Display Name. The users cannot delegate or delete these folders or mailboxes. They can only preview, view, download, reply to, or forward the emails. For more information, see Viewing Mail Messages in Delegated Mailboxes in the Web Console.