Live Sync in the License Summary Report


Upgrading to Commvault 11.21 and Later Releases

If you use replication for virtual machines, within 60 days after you upgrade the CommServe server to 11.21 or a later release, you must manually update from the Live Sync license to the Auto Recovery license. After 60 days, live sync replication jobs will no longer run. If you upgrade to 11.21 or a later release, the replication source VMs will appear in both the Live Sync page and the Auto Recovery page in the License Summary report. The source VMs are not counted twice, but the information about the source VMs appears in both locations.

After you switch to the Auto Recovery license, you can view the license usage on Auto Recovery in the License Summary Report.

Where to Access the Report

To view this report, in the License Summary Report, in the Other Licenses table, under License, click Live Sync.

Live Sync Table

This table displays source VM where a live sync replication job ran.




The ID that is assigned to the virtual machine.

Virtual Machine

The VM pair where the replication (live sync) job ran.


The software package installed on the VM.

VM Protection Job

The type of protection job that ran, such as Backup.

Protected VM Size

The amount of data protected by the job.

Company ID

The ID that is assigned to the company.


The company that owns the client computer.


The plan that is associated with the VM.