Performing a SAP LaMa Database Backup


Database administrators can perform a database backup from the SAP LaMa provisioning console.

Before You Begin

Verify that all the instances are running.


  1. Open the SAP LaMa user interface in your browser.

  2. Open the Operations and Maintenance submenu in the left navigation pane and click Operations. The Systems window appears.

  3. Expand the listing for the desired system, click the Operations button for the desired row, then click Commvault Operations, then Backup.

  4. Make sure Backup is showing for the OPERATION and then click Execute.


The database backup job is started.

You can monitor the job in the SAP LaMa console. To get detailed job information on the SAP LaMa console, in the left pane click Monitoring, then Activities. The list of jobs is displayed. Click the desired job to see details about that job.