Configuring the RP Store for File System


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Configure a Recovery Point Store (RP Store) on the destination server. The RP Store records application-consistent recovery points (ACRPs) and associated updates as point-in-time recovery points for each replication pair.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Disaster recovery > Replication.

    The Replication groups page appears.

  2. On the Storage tab, click Add recovery point store.

    The Add storage dialog box appears.

  3. Provide the following information:

    1. In the Name box, type the name of the library.

    2. From the MediaAgent list, select a destination server as the MediaAgent.

      The MediaAgent writes data to the RP Store disk.

    3. In the Maximum size (GB) box, enter the maximum size for the RP Store.

    4. Select one of the following options:

      • To use a local disk as the mount path, select Local path and then, in the Path box, type the full path name of the storage location or click Browse to select a folder.

      • To use a network drive as the mount path, select Network path and then, in the Path box, type the full path name of the network drive location.

        In the User name and Password boxes, type the credentials for a user who has write access to the network device.

    5. For the Peak interval option, click Not enabled to identify peak operational hours.

      The Edit peak interval dialog box appears.

      1. Drag across hours and days of the week to identify the peak interval.

        After you identify peak hours, the RP Store performs merge operations during non-peak hours to ensure that those operations have the least impact on ongoing replication.

      2. Click Save.

  4. On the Add storage dialog box, click Create.