Known Issues


This page lists known issues with this release.

  • After you delete a replication pair, you must wait for a minimum of 60 seconds to create a new replication pair using the same volumes.

  • Cluster Shared volumes are not supported for replication.

  • If the mount point is changed for a particular volume, then the replication operation is stopped for the replication pair.

  • Only one replication pair can be created for a given source volume and a destination volume.

  • Shrink on source volume results in replication resynchronization operation.

  • Permanent mount of Striped, Mirrored, and RAID-5 dynamic volumes are not supported.

  • The source volume and the destination volume must have the same physical disk sector size.

  • The destination volumes of a replication pair are write-protected during the replication process.

  • Old Synchronization status and Status description might not get updated on the Recovery Monitor after you explicitly change the Recovery Type or if the recovery type changes due to RP store offline settings.

  • After the RP Store goes offline, you might not be able to delete the replication pair. To resolve this issue, try bringing the RP Store online, or contact the Commvault support.