Updating the Web Console URL for a CommServe Computer Using the Command Line Interface


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In a CommCell environment that has multiple Web Console computers, you can configure a required Web Console URL, which has access to external users, to send scheduled reports and alerts. You must configure the Web Console URL on each CommServe computer.

After you change the Web Console URL, email notifications are sent from the CommServe computer with the Web Console URL that has access to external users.

You can also use the WebConsoleURL additional setting to configure the Web Console URL on the CommServe computer.


  1. Run the qlogin command to log on to the CommServe computer.

  2. On the command line, go to software_installation_directory/Base, and then type the following command:

    qoperation.exe execscript -sn SetkeyIntoGlobalparamTbl.sql -si 'WebConsoleURL' -si y -si 'http://NewWebConsoleHostname.domain.com/webconsole/clientDetails/fsDetails.do?clientName=CLIENTNAME' 
  3. Run the qlogout command to log off the CommServe computer.


The following command changes the Web Console URL to http://mycompany.mydomain.com/webconsole. In this example, the parameters are listed on the command line:

qoperation.exe execscript -sn SetkeyIntoGlobalparamTbl.sql -si 'WebConsoleURL' -si y -si 'http://mycompany.mydomain.com/webconsole/clientDetails/fsDetails.do?clientName=CLIENTNAME'