Modifications to Data-Masking Dictionaries


The Commvault software provides a dictionary for each data type that supports dictionary data masking. In a Linux environment (but not other environments), you can modify the values in the dictionaries, add lines to the dictionaries, and create new dictionaries.

About Modifying the Dictionaries

Important: Do not modify the first line in a dictionary file because it is the key for the contents of the file.

You can edit a dictionary file in-place. Or you can copy a file to another location, edit it, and then replace the original file with the edited file.

About the Dictionary Files

The data-masking dictionaries are text files in the comma-separated values (CSV) format.

The files are in software_installation_directory/Base/CvDmDictionaries.

The files are named data_type_dictionary.cvs. For example, the file for the address data type is Address_dictionary.cvs, and the file for the location data type is Location_dictionary.cvs.

The first three lines of the Address_dictionary.csv file are as follows:


253 Dilo Path,Liwaguvuj,MI,60033,USA,-15.34805,-60.0171

298 Cofofa Parkway,Miezupa,CA,73863,USA,8.60635,-39.92633

The first three lines of the Location_dictionary.csv file are as follows:




Data Masking Strategies for Data Types