Creating a Bubble View in a Map Component


You can cluster data points to create a regional view in a map component.

Clustered data points appear as a bubble, and when the user zooms in, the bubbles turn into pins that indicate distinct data points.

Before You Begin

Add a map component to a report.


  1. On the Web Console, click Reports.

    The Reports page appears.

  2. From the navigation pane, go to Configuration > Reports, and in the row for the report, under Actions, click Edit.

  3. If your report has multiple pages, click the tab for the page that contains the map component.

  4. Select the map component.

  5. On the Properties tab, on the General subtab, move the Enable Clustering toggle key to the right.

  6. From the Bubble Size By list, select the field data that you want to display on the map.

  7. In the Color box, select a color for the data bubbles.

  8. To display labels for each bubble, move the Show Labels toggle key to the right.

  9. To save this version of your report specification in the Reports Manager, at the top of the Report Builder page, click Save.

  10. To make the report available to end users on the Reports page, at the top of the page, click Deploy.

Options for Maps on the Properties Tab in the Report Builder