Data Views for the CommCell Configuration Audit Report


The CommCell Configuration Audit Report lists the CommCell option settings that differ from the recommended Commvault option settings.

This table displays each option that differs from the recommended Commvault setting, the current value, and the recommended value.




The CommCell environment where you can find the option setting.

CommCell ID

The ID for the CommCell environment.


The version of the Commvault software that is installed on the CommServe computer.


The general location in the CommCell Console where you can find the option setting, such as: Control Panel or Disk Library.


The name of the entity where the setting is configured, such as stor_pol_123/Primary.


The dialog box or tab where you can find the option setting, such as Chunk Size (MB) or Data Aging.

Each value links to a page in the documentation that describes the options that appear in that location.


The option, such as, Block level Deduplication factor (KB) or Deletion of jobs will not force full on next backup.

Current Value

The setting that you configured for the option.

Recommended Value

The Commvault-recommended setting for the option.