Preparing VMs for Conversion to OpenStack


Before performing a backup that will be used for VM conversion, ensure that the source VMs meet the following requirements:

  • Virtual machines running the following guest operating systems can be converted to OpenStack instances:

    • CentOS 7

    • RHEL 7

    • Windows 2012 R2

    • Windows 2008 R2

  • Before backing up the source VMs, ensure that appropriate drivers are available:

    • For Windows VMs, if the source VM has more than four disks, install VirtIO drivers on source VMs, to ensure that the instance will be bootable after conversion.

    • For UNIX flavors that do not include VirtIO drivers, install VirtIO drivers on source VMs. By default, RHEL 7.0 and CentOS 7.0 have VirtIO drivers pre-loaded.

  • Before converting a Linux VM: If the source VM contains a device entry in etc/fstab in the following format:

    /dev/device_name mountpoint fs_type mount_args

    change the entry in the source VM to use the following format instead:

    UUID=fs_uuid mountpoint fs_type mount_args

    You can run the lsblk -f command on the source VM to return a list of the UUIDs for block devices in the source VM.

  • To convert a VM with more than four disks, libvirt version 1.3.3 or later is required on the destination Nova compute nodes for the converted OpenStack instance.

    Red Hat Bug 1343302 reports an issue with attaching more volumes for earlier libvirt versions.

  • Perform a full VM backup of the VMware (source) virtual machines.