Requesting Permission to Back Up a VM Using Commvault Service Catalog (End User)


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A ServiceNow user who has the necessary system credentials can request permission to back up a VM using Commvault Service Catalog.


  1. From the ServiceNow navigation pane, go to Service Catalog > Catalogs.

    The Catalogs window appears.

  2. Go to Commvault > Commvault Virtual Machines - VMWare.

    The Commvault Virtual Machines - VMWare window appears.

  3. Click Full VM Backup.

    The Backup your VM window appears.

  4. Enter a name or portion of a VM name in the VM name field.


    • You must enter at least four characters.

    • Wildcards are not supported.

    VM names that contain the text that you entered appear in a list.

  5. Select a VM from the list, and then click Run Backup.


The VM backup request is sent to the Commvault administrator for approval.