Assigning an Administrator Role to a User in the ServiceNow Commvault Application


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Commvault administrators can assign an administrator role to a user in the ServiceNow Commvault application.


  1. From the ServiceNow navigation pane, go to Users and Groups > Users.

    A list of existing users appears.

  2. Search for and then select an existing user.

    The User window appears.

  3. On the Roles tab, click Edit.

    The Edit Members window appears.

  4. Select the approver_user role from the left pane, and then click the Add button to move the role to the right pane.

  5. Click Save.

  6. On the Groups tab, click Edit.

    The Edit Members window appears.

  7. From the left pane, select an administrator group (for example, Commvault Admin), and then click the Add button to move the group to the right pane.

  8. Click Save.

  9. Click the All Applications button , and then search for and select Studio.

    The Load Application window appears.

  10. Click Commvault.

    The Application Explorer pane appears.

  11. Go to Workflow > Workflows > Commvault - Initialize based on config.

    A workflow appears in the Workflow Editor.

  12. Double-click Approval - User:

    The Activity Properties: Approval - User window appears.

  13. Go to Approvers > Groups, and then click the Unlock Groups button .

    The Groups box becomes available.

  14. Delete existing groups and then, in the Groups box, add the administrator group that you added in step 7, above.

    For example, Commvault Admin.

  15. Click the Lock Groups button , and then click Update.