Exchange User Mailbox: Installing Index Store, Content Analyzer, and Web Server


Applies to: Exchange data sources where the Index Server is not reused

If you want to include Exchange user mailboxes for discovery and compliance tasks in Activate and you do not reuse an existing Index Server, the Activate software packages must be installed on specific computers.

Important: You do not need to install any of the packages listed in the following procedure if content indexing is configured for Exchange backups. Select the Index Server used for Exchange backups when you create the Sensitive Data Governance data classification plan.


  1. On the Exchange access node, install the following packages:

    • Web Server package or Index Gateway package


      • If you use same Index Server for SDG Data classification plan and client, then you must install either the Web Server or Index Gateway package on the access node.

      • If you use different Index Servers for the SDG Data classification plan and client, then you must install the Web Server package on the access node.

    • Content Analyzer package

  2. On the computer that will be used as the Index Server, install the following packages:

    • Index Gateway package

    • Index Store package

      Note: For Activate, the Index Store package must be installed on a computer that will function as a standalone Index Server. The computer cannot be part of an Index Server cloud.

What to Do Next

Return to Installing Software Components for Sensitive Data Governance and begin with the steps to verify the Content Analyzer cloud.

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