Office 365 Components in the Usage Calculation


Office 365 applications are covered by the Mailbox Archive Solution license, which appears in the License Summary Report under the information about Application Users. The software calculates license usage based only on the types of users and components that are included in the license. Certain user actions can increase or decrease license usage in the License Summary Report.

License Enforcement

For new CommServe computer installations of 11.19 and later, the software enforces the Mailbox Archive Solution license for the following component types:

  • Mailboxes protected by the following agents:

    • Exchange Mailbox (Classic)

    • Exchange Mailbox (OnePass)

  • SharePoint Office365 licensed site users

  • OneDrive for Business user accounts

Caution: If the number of any component types exceeds the purchased quantity by 110%, then the software blocks backup operations for all of the listed component types.

For CommServe computers that upgrade from previous feature releases, the software does not enforce the Mailbox Archive Solution license for these components.

For more information about how Sharepoint O365 users are metered, see Sharepoint O365 in the Usage Calculation.

Included Data

The following Office 365 components are included in the usage calculation:

  • Exchange Mailbox Agent: Each active mailbox with an Office 365 (Exchange) license.

  • OneDrive for Business: Each user account.

  • SharePoint Online: Each user account.

Usage Increase

License usage can increase because of any of the following actions.

  • Exchange Mailbox Agent:

    • Adding new mailboxes to subclient content.

    • Enabling backup activity on the subclient with mailboxes as content.

  • OneDrive for Business: Adding a new user who has enabled OneDrive Quota and has logged in.

  • SharePoint Online: Adding an Office 365 user to the protected SharePoint site.

Usage Decrease

License usage can decrease because of any of the following actions:

  • Exchange Mailbox Agent:

    • Removing existing mailboxes from subclient content.

    • Disabling backup activity on a subclient with mailboxes as content.

  • OneDrive for Business: Removing an existing user who has enabled OneDrive Quota and has logged in.

    If a Microsoft Office 365 user account is deleted or removed, the user's OneDrive files are retained based on the retention settings configured in OneDrive. The Mailbox Archive Solution license will continue to count the deleted user until the retention time for the user files is met and the user files are removed. To view the retention settings in OneDrive, log on the OneDrive administration center as a global or SharePoint administrator, and then from the left pane, select Storage.

  • SharePoint Online: Removing an existing Office 365 user from the site.

Excluded Data

The following types of data are excluded from the usage calculation:

  • A client or subclient with disabled activity.

  • A subclient with no storage policy.

  • Exchange Mailbox Agent: An agent mailbox that is not configured as the User type (such as shared, resource, and group mailboxes).

  • OneDrive for Business: A user who has Quota disabled and has never logged on to OneDrive.