Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)


You can use the Commvault software to back up and restore Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).


Backups You Can Perform

  • Full backups

  • Incremental backups

  • Synthetic full backups

Data You Can Back Up

With full and incremental backups, you can back up the following data at the object level:

  • Metadata of the object

  • ACLs of the object

  • Tags of the object

Note: After a full backup, if the tag or the ACL of an object is modified, but the data has not changed, then the next incremental backup does not include that object. Incremental backups include only objects whose data has changed.

Data You Cannot Back Up

  • Older versions of an object


Destinations You Can Restore To

  • The original location (in place)

  • The following cloud storage systems:

    • Huawei OceanStor 100D (formerly FusionStorage) Object storage

    • Red Hat Ceph Storage 3 S3 endpoints (SSL with hosted domain)

    • StorageGRID object storage (S3 compatible)

    • Pure Storage FlashBlade

  • Disk

Data You Can Restore

  • Data, along with the metadata

    Note: You cannot restore metadata to a different cloud storage system.

  • ACLs