Hybrid File Store: Sharing a File or Folder from the Web Console


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You can share the files and folders added to Hybrid File Store from the Web Console. When you share a file or folder, you set the permission levels for each user. After signing in to the Web Console, the users you are sharing with can view or download the files.

You can download files that are less than or equal to 1 GB of size.


  1. Log on to the Web Console using the Hybrid File Store user name.

  2. From the Web Console, go to My Data.

  3. From the left navigation pane, go to Drive.

  4. Right-click the file or folder and select Share.

    Alternatively, you can select the check box next to the file or folder and then click Share.

    The Share window appears.

  5. In the Invite People box, enter the user name, email address, or the Group Name of the end-user with whom the data must be shared.

    You can assign only the Can View permission for the file or folder to be shared

  6.  Click the plus sign .

    The user name is added to the list of users you are sharing with.

  7. Optional: To set an expiry date for the share, select Expire the link in n days, and click the n days link, where n is the number of days after which the share is not accessible.

    By default, the expiry is set to Never. You can set the expiry date to 7 or 30 days or click Custom to select a date from the calendar.

  8. Optional: To allow the file or folder to be reshared, click Yes.

  9. Optional: To send an email notification to the users you share with, select Notify people via email and enter a message that will be added to the notification email.

  10. Click Share.


The file or folder is now listed under the Shared By Me section in the My Data page of the Web Console. The shared files and folders are also marked with a shared tag.

If email notification was enabled, the user will receive a notification email with a link to the shared file or folder.