Data Views for the Anomalous Events Tab


The Anomalous Events tab displays messages about the events that are generated by anomalous jobs in the CommCell environment in the last 24 hours. The events are classified by severity and offer recommendations for resolving issues or finding more information about the event.




The name of the CommCell environment where the job generated the event.

Event Time

The date and the time when the job generated the event.

Job ID

The ID of the job that generated the event.

To go to the Job History tab of the job, click the job ID.


The severity of the event, such as Major, Critical, Warning, and Info.

Client Name

The name of the client computer where the backup job is running.

To go to the associated server details page of the client in the Command Center, click the client.


The type of the event.


A message that explains the event and contains suggestions for resolving issues.