Viewing the File Duplicates Dashboard


Applies to: File servers, Object storage: Azure Blob, Google Cloud

You can view the duplicate files on one server or on multiple servers. For file servers, duplicate files are identified by name, file extension, size, and modified time. For object storage, duplicate files are identified by the contents of the file.

Note: To guarantee that all duplicate files are visible on the dashboard, clear any filters that were applied to other dashboards.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Data Insights.

    The Data Insights page appears.

  2. Under Risk Analysis, click File storage optimization.

    The File storage optimization page appears.

  3. In the Dashboard section, click File duplicates.

    The File duplicates page appears.

  4. From the server list, select the server that you want to analyze, and then click OK.

    The File duplicates dashboard appears.

  5. To search for a specific file, in the File Name box, enter the name of the file, and then press the Enter key.