Install Index Store and Index Gateway for File Storage Optimization


The Index Server performs the content indexing and data analysis operations for File Storage Optimization. The Index Gateway facilitates communication between the File Storage Optimization components. To configure these entities, you must install the Index Store package and the Index Gateway package on a computer in your environment.

Complete this procedure as part of the initial configuration of File Storage Optimization. For more information, see Getting Started.

Before You Begin

  • Review the system requirements for File Storage Optimization.

  • For test environments, you can install the software on the same server with the Commvault package. For production, install the software on a separate, dedicated computer.


  1. On the computer where you want to install the package, download the Commvault enterprise media kit installer from the Cloud Services website, and then run the installer.

  2. Follow the prompts in the installer:

    1. On the Choose the Installation Type page, click Install packages on this computer, and then proceed to the next page.

    2. If you are installing the software on the same computer as the Commvault package, on the Install Option page, click Add Packages, and then proceed to the next page.

    3. On the Select Packages page, under Server, select the Index Store package, and then proceed to the next page.

      The Index Gateway package is automatically selected when you select the Index Store package.

    4. On the Web Cache Path page, select a path to serve as the Web Server cache, and then proceed to the next page.

    5. Review the information on the Installation Summary page, and then proceed to the next page to begin the installation.

After the packages are installed on the server, you will use the server to create an Index Server in the File Storage Optimization guided setup.

What to Do Next

Return to Getting Started and complete the setup.