Customizing Tenant Views (Fully Managed Deployments)


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For tenants who use backup as a service (BaaS), customize the options that appear in the navigation pane for the tenant admin and tenant users.

After you perform the steps in this topic, only virtual machine and database backups are available to tenants. Options for other data types are hidden from tenant administrators and users.

These changes affect all tenants who use your service. To make changes that are specific to an individual company, use the Navigation preferences tile for that company.


Perform the following steps from the Command Center:

  1. Go to Manage > Customization.

  2. Click the Navigation tile.

    The Navigation preferences page appears.

  3. On the Navigation preferences tab, in the Tenant admin and Tenant user columns, clear the selections for the following items:

    • Guided setup

    • Protect > Virtualization > Hypervisors

    • Protect > Virtualization > VM groups

    • Protect > Laptops

    • Protect > Applications (all)

    • Activate

    • Orchestrate (all)

    • Manage > Plans

    • Manage > Regions

    • Manage > Network (all)

    • Web console > My data

    • My apps

  4. On the Initial landing tab, select the following options:

    • For Tenant admin, under Dashboard, select Overview Dashboard.

    • For Tenant user, under Protect > Virtualization, select Virtual machines.

  5. Click Save.