Access Node (VSA Proxy) Requirements (Fully Managed Deployments)


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You can deploy the Virtual Server Agent (VSA) software package on one or more machines to protect virtual infrastructure. A machine with the VSA package acts as a dedicated access node (also called a "VSA proxy") to start and manage backups and restores.


  • For VMware and Hyper-V, you can install the VSA package on physical or virtual machines that are accessible from the customer network. The machines where you install the VSA package must meet the following minimum requirements:

    • Microsoft Windows Server 2012-2019

    • 2 CPUs or vCPUs

    • 24GB RAM

    These specifications can support up to 10 Front-End Terabytes (FET).

    To estimate access node sizing that can handle up to 120 TB of client data, see Hardware Specifications for Virtual Server Agent.

  • For complete system requirements, see the following topics:

  • The access node requires a Layer 3 network path to the hypervisor servers that host the tenant workloads.