Creating a Custom Installation Package for Tenants (Self-Service Deployments)


In most cases, tenants are isolated on their own network, and service providers use private (RFC 1918) addressing, only permiting tenant-to-MSP network communication.

In such configurations, create an installation package that tenants can use to install the Virtual Server Agent package on a machine to create an access node (VSA proxy). Once the VSA package is installed on one machine, the tenant can create a Remote Software Cache inside the tenant network for subsequent installations.


To create a VSA package:

  1. Log on to the CommServe system as an administrator.

  2. Locate the installation source that you used to install the CommServe software.

  3. Rename install.xml to install.old.

  4. Run Setup.exe, choose the language, and then click >.

  5. Enable I agree, and then click >.

  6. Select Create a custom package to install on a different computer, and then click >.

  7. Clear and then reselect the Windows > WinX64 (default) option, and then click >.

  8. Select New Installations, and then click >.

  9. Select Select Packages, and then click >.

  10. Enter a new folder where the package can be stored (for example, E:\VSAPackageLocation), and then click >.

  11. Select Virtualization > Virtual Server, and then click >.

  12. Select Include Third Party packages.

  13. Select Include .NET Framework Installer.

  14. Select Create self-extracting executable, and then click >.

  15. Click Finish.

  16. Copy the resulting installation file (WinX64.exe) to the machine where the package will be installed.

Commvault provides the Download Center as a built-in file-share server for making packages available to tenants.