Selecting a Default Plan (Fully Managed Deployments)


When you log on to the <Admin Console> for the first time as a tenant administrator, you are prompted to select a default plan. The default plan is used when a plan is not specified for a solution.

In practice, the default plan is not used. When configuring a solution, the service provider assigns a plan that corresponds to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that corresponds to the service level that the tenant company has purchased.


  1. If you are already logged on as the CommCell admin, you can log on as the tenant administrator by selecting the tenant company from the list in the upper-right area of the <Admin Console> window.

    Otherwise, log on using the tenant administrator credentials.

  2. The Edit default plans dialog box appears.

  3. Select a default server plan.

  4. Select Do not ask me again.

  5. Click Save.

Setting Default Plans