Recovering From a Stuck Failover



The failover progress does not report any new activity in the Process Manager and both the production and standby CommServe hosts are down and inaccessible.


  1. From the active node, navigate to the following folder:

    \Program Files\Commvault\ContentStore2\Base


    ContentStore2 corresponds to the installation folder associated with the SQL client or Instance002. If you have installed the SQL client in a different instance, navigate to the corresponding folder.

  2. Run the following command:

    GxAdmin.exe -console -failover -resetconfig <active_node_name>


    <active_node_name> is the client name associated with the SQL client. (The client name is the name displayed for the SQL client in the Command Center and CommCell Console.)

  3. Check the contents of CommServeLiveSyncMonitoring.log and look for the following information:

    ResetConfigFile() - #######Received a request to reset configuration file #######

    ResetConfigFile() - Successfully reset config file for node <Active_node_name>.


The configuration will be reset, and as a result, the failover process will be halted in the Process Manager.

What to Do Next

Restart the CommCell services in the Process Manager and retry the failover.