Undoing a Failover for an Array Replication Failover Group


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After you perform a planned or unplanned failover, you can undo the failover operation.

In an undo failover operation, the following events occur:

  • The destination VMs are powered off.

  • The datastores are deleted.

  • Mirror relationships are reestablished.

  • The source VMs are powered on.

Caution: When you undo a failover, any work you did on the VMs is lost and the source VMs return to the state they were in before the failover.


  1. Log on to the Command Center.

  2. From the navigation pane, go to Auto recovery > Recovery groups.

    The Recovery groups page appears.

  3. On the Failover groups tab, in the Name column, right-click a failover group, and then select Undo failover.

    The Undo failover page appears.

  4. Click Yes.