Configuring Automatic Scaling for Amazon Access Nodes


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To set up automatic scaling, you must create and configure some entities in the Command Center.


  1. Verify that the Command Center Server page includes a server entity that represents either an on-premises access node or an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) access node that is installed with the Commvault Virtual Server Agent (VSA) package.

    The software uses this access node to orchestrate automatic scaling operations for the hypervisor.

    If you don't already have a server entity for the on-premises access node or the EC2 access node, then add a server entity using the Virtual Server package. If you want to use an EC2 access node, then you must authenticate using an IAM role. For instructions, see Adding an Additional Server.

  2. Create an empty server group that the software will use to create and decommission access nodes.

    You will select this server group when you configure the hypervisor for automatic scaling:

    1. In the Name box, enter a name for the server group, and then select Manual Association.

      Important: Do not select any servers.

    2. Click Save.

      For instructions about adding a server group, see Adding a Server Group by Using Manual Association.

  3. Create a one-way, direct-connection (server-to-client) network topology so that the access node and the server group can communicate.

    • From the Servers list, select the on-premises access node or the EC2 access node.

    • From the DMZ servers list, select the empty server group.

      For instructions about creating a network topology, see Setting Up a One-Way Direct Connection.

  4. Depending on your environment, add one or more Amazon hypervisors:

    1. For all environments, add a hypervisor for the Amazon IAM Admin user account. For instructions, see Adding a Hypervisor for Automatic Scaling.

    2. For environments with multiple Amazon accounts, add an additional hypervisor for each Amazon tenant account and refer to the settings in the Amazon IAM Admin account. For instructions, see Adding a Hypervisor for an Amazon Tenant Account.

  5. Configure the hypervisor for automatic scaling. For instructions, see Configuring a Hypervisor for Automatic Scaling.