Disabling Report Schedules on the Web Console


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If you need to suspend scheduled reports for a period of time, you can disable the report schedules. After you disable a report schedule, the report does not generate and save to the specified location or send to the configured recipients.

Only users who either created the report schedule or who have ownership of the report schedule can edit, disable, or delete the report schedule.


  1. Log on to the Web Console, and then click Reports.

    The Reports page appears.

  2. From the navigation pane, go to Configuration > Schedules.

    The Schedules page appears.

  3. Select the report schedules that you want to disable:

    • To disable a report, beside the report name, select the check box.

    • To disable all reports, at the top of the page, beside Name, select the check box.

  4. At the top of the page, click Disable.

    To indicate that the report is disabled, under Enabled, a gray circle appears.