Setting the Backup Type (Fully Managed Deployments)


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You can configure each VM group to use a specific backup type that is appropriate for a particular service plan.

If you created separate VM groups for different service plans, you can use the following settings for the backup types in different service plans:

Service plan

Backup type

How backup is performed


Crash consistent

Takes a point-in-time software snapshot of virtual machine data without quiescing.


File system and application consistent

Uses hypervisor tools to perform a quiesced backup of the file system and applications.


Application Aware

Uses in-guest application plug-ins to assist the Virtual Server Agent in quiescing the file system and applications and supporting granular application level recoverability.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > Virtualization.

    The Virtual machines page appears.

  2. On the VM groups page, click a VM group.

  3. On the Configuration tab, in the Settings tile, click Edit.

  4. Under Virtual machine backup type, select the backup type for the service plan that is associated with the VM group.

  5. Click Save.